Radio Show #78


The next hour is, as always, rammed full of tracks from bands who are gigging in London next week. In this week’s show we have a ‘Shameless Favourite’ from White Fever, we have ‘Twitter Recommends’ and we have something wonderfully Christmassy from Ringlefinch.

We play every kind of music – it just has to be good. The result is a mix of indie, folk, funk, swing, ska, punk, pop and anything else that takes our fancy that week.

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This week’s play list was;

Type Two Error – Looking Back

Samantha Whates – Like a Tree

Tankus The Henge – Who’s Gonna Catch Ya?

White Fever – Skeleton Disease

The Last Carnival – The Beat Inside The Body

The New Mastersounds – Whistle Song

Bleach Blood – Darling Don’t Dive Without Me

Brassroots – Good Life

Killing Roger – Break Free

Jess Morgan – Freckles in The Sun

Lago Bueno – Marvin

Monster Jaw – Losing All My Friends

Ordinary Noise – Southern Electric Teddy Girl

Ringlefinch – Ringle all The Way